West Cobb Girls Softball offers both Spring and Fall recreational softball programs for youth girls in the northwest Atlanta Georgia metro counties of Cobb, Paulding and Cherokee.

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Mayhem at the Mountain

Spring 2014 WCGS Post-Season Tournament

All park rules are still in effect with the addition of the following:

• Rosters are frozen; no fill-in players may be used.

• Minimum Player Count: In all age groups 10u and above, a game must

start with at least eight players and may drop to seven players in cases of


• Both teams are advised to keep a scorebook. The Home Team will be the

official book and the Visiting Team will recruit a volunteer to work the


• A pre-game coin flip will determine Home & Visitor. In the championship

game, the team coming in from the winners’ bracket will be the Home

Team. Should there be an “IF” game, a coin toss will determine Home &


• Ties will be broken using our park tie-breaker rule. A maximum of two tiebreaker

innings will be played. If still tied, the Board member on duty will

conduct a coin toss to determine the winner. **

o ** The only exceptions are the championship and “IF” games, which

will continue play in the tie-breaker format until a winner is


• In all age groups, if not specifically covered in the park rules, outfielders

may be positioned on the dirt within five feet of the grass prior to the pitch.

• Slow Pitch: A pitched ball that hits the plate is considered a live ball.

• No games will be rescheduled except due to weather.

• If weather presents an issue, the tournament format may be changed to

single elimination.